Classic Cafes: Zippy Grill W12 #2

Enclaves of the '50s & 60s


The Zippy Grill on Goldhawk Road Shepherd's Bush is an almost perfect example of the 60s Wimpy-style cafe interior. In 1953 England experienced the US beefburger anschluss when the first Wimpy ('the square meal in the round bun') was served at Wimbledon. Wimpy Bar franchises - hired from owner Eddie Gold who had 12 in Chicago - were introduced into special section of Lyons Corner Houses. By 1969 there were 460 Wimpy Cafes in the UK and eight in Oxford Street alone. Wimpys maintained their pleasant minimalist interiors for some time (good examples can be seen in late 60s movies 'Bedazzled' & 'The Sorcerers') but died off during the recessions of the late 70s.

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