Classic Cafes: Worthing special #1

Seaside Enclaves of the '50s & 60s


Gradually coming into its own alongside the covert Victoriana of Broadstairs and the bohemian patchiness of Hastings, Worthing has just enough caffs and other alt.architecture diversions to justify a couple of visits. Of particular note: the Edwardian cinema on the seafront; the red & white deco theatre; the bracing 30s pier and several lost old streets that seem to have been shipped in from New Orleans. This cluster of enclaves alone makes a voyage worthwhile for lovers of mouldering modern British architecture. Make no mistake, Worthing has more than its share of disgusting 70s developments - most of them hideously splayed out around the disgusting town approach from the railway station - but every corner has some engaging arrangement of tatty Regency remnants or inappropriately painted cottages to fortify the eye... high on Pinteresque ambience.

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