Classic Cafes: St George's SW4

Enclaves of the '50s & 60s


Nosh to see you; to see you nosh. St Georges restaurant at 36a Clapham Old Town SW4 sits amid a triangle of 'exciting' yuppie theme pubs (bring own rugby shirt), 'yah'-posse brasseries and too many other Fulham-wannabe stores to mention. It's also bang opposite Viviene Westwood's house! Long a Classic Cafes Select Committee [Highways & Byways] favourite, George's full-on 'plain' style is what makes the dispiriting plod from the tube station worth it all: attractive logo; fake wood & powder blue laminate walls; dulled chequer-board floor; an undergrowth of Aspidistras in the corner; top polished steel chimney rising from the counter; proper stick-on-letter menu and an extended family of owners who will all come out to greet you at the drop of a bacon sandwich. Just ducky! So, why not muss up your Holyoaks haircut, bouncy-castle trainers and shrinkfit Hoxton t-shirt, spread out over a couple of tables, fire off some choice Shoreditch-twat backchat - 'isn't that ad great with the weepy little mobile being harangued in a greasy spoon' - and chow down St George style? Then f*** off back to All Bar One with the rest of the Jim Jims.

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