Kafe Spegeln & Konditori Lido, Gävle, Sweden: More Swedish Exotica

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Kafe Spegeln

Kafe Spegeln

Konditori Lido

Konditori Lido

Konditori Lido

Konditori Valand, Stockholm

M Jonholt writes: "Kafe Spegeln (Norra K pmangatan 11 Gävle Sweden): Not even two hours drive up the coast from Stockholm, you'll find Gävle, a middle sized town with an active cultural life.

Present owner Magnus Rudberg, has made every effort to maintain its genuine 1950s atmosphere, and Spegeln is now in many ways part of Swedish cultural life.

Hidden on a backstreet a couple of blocks from the railway station, Spegeln has to be known to be found.

It once used to be a cinema, nowadays it's a small local theatre.

Concerts, poetry readings and exhibitions attract a spectrum of cultural workers, alongside students, journalists and plain coffelovers. Fabulous."


"Konditori Lido (S dra Kungsgatan 10 Gävle Sweden): Lido first opened in 1952. Considered very modern and classy in its day, some visitors affected to speak French when entering this extraordinary place.

Since the present owner took over in 1977, some of the old furniture has been replaced, but enough still remains to keep alive the original atmosphere.

Konditori's superb location on the south shopping street attracts a lot of occasional visitors, but also a loyal bunch of regulars who show up every day to read the paper or have a chat. A soothing, slow place, where you can hang out for hours, doing absolutely nothing..."

Pix: Mats Jonholt

See also Konditori Kronan in Åsele: "Designed and built in the 1940s, and fitted out with the [then] latest high fashion furniture ordered from Denmark. The neon sign on the roof dates from the late 1950s. Current owners Anki and Lars Jansson live upstairs and struggle with long working hours to keep this ever popular place going..."

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