Classic Cafes: Sea Breeze E17 #2 (RIP)

Enclaves of the '50s & 60s


Sea Breeze E17: This little gem used to be stuck up at the tube end of Walthamstow market (as did several useful caffs now lost over the years.) It was destroyed November 2003. Behind the etched glass door lay a fantasia of Formica: large brown booth seats looking vaguely space-aged; large coloured Mondrian panels on every surface; superb wooden light fittings... a real live working and breathing classic in the heart of E17 now shamefully replaced with yet another wretched fried chicken outlet. Along with the recent news that the Tea Rooms on Museum Street will close in January 2004 and the Copper Grill in Eldon Street will be demolished next summer, a new salvo of shutdowns is obviously on the cards. Grim.

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