Eastbourne Terminus Road Special




Taurus, Terminus Rd, Eastbourne: Fabio Lozzi




Notarianni's: Craig Scott (Oct 2004)




Notarianni's: Craig Scott (Oct 2004)


Taurus, Eastbourne: Craig Scott (Oct 2004) RIP



Macari's, Terminus Rd, Eastbourne: Fabio Lozzi


Photos: Fabio Lozzi/Craig Scott

Notarianni's Restaurant & Milk Bar in Eastbourne lies in Terminus Road ­ a treasure trove of classic caffs. It has an unusual, and apparently, original grey frontage from its opening back in 1947 but inside only the battered white banquette seating survives from the 40s. Atmosphere is nonetheless richly appealing to moribundia aficionados. At the back of the caff is a collection of photographs of various Notarianni's in their heyday (this was a chain, mainly in the north of England.) The manager told us that a few survive: in Blackpool, Scarborough and other towns...

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