Classic Cafes: Peggotty's (Cromer Seaside Special)

Enclaves of the '50s & 60s


"Millions have been spent [on Cromer] over the last couple of years giving the old place a complete facelift. New pavements, new lighting ... and many of the Edwardian buildings have been restored with the help of generous grants. The Pier has been re-modelled with a completely new entrance and new cafe and bar at the Pier Theatre. The Old Bath House Hotel on the promenade has been completely restored at huge expense. A new RNLI museum is currently under construction at the bottom of the slipway. Cromer also boasts one of the most popular fish and chip cafe's, called Mary Jane's, in Garden Street. The cafe is extremely busy during the summer months and on good weather weekends during the winter it does huge business. Cromer is far from stagnating: we have one of the biggest annual carnivals in the Country and a New Year firework display that is attended by thousands of people. Cromer is still a favourite venue for traditional seaside holidays. The Clifftop Cafe at Overstrand near Cromer really is a classic cafe with 30s music playing, American cloth tablecloths and an excellent menu. During the season it is difficult to get a table and again is always busy at weekends during the winter. Cromer is far from dead." (David Hobart)

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