Classic Cafes: S&M (formerly Alfredo's), N1

Enclaves of the '50s & 60s


The Sausage and Mash (S&M) chain are now fully open after the restoration of Alfredo's classic 1920s cafe at 4-6 Essex Rd, London, N1. Other branches to follow in Acton and Liverpool Street. After a huge polishing-up job, S&M have kept all the original deco fittings and even the 250 original ceiling screws: 'The refurb... brings it back to its former 1950s Formica fabulousness, complete with Elastoplast-pink walls and gleaming chrome trim' ('Metro' Mar 4 2003). 'The art-deco interior dates from 1947 - shiny steel and chrome, blue Formica, dark wood. But the DeRitis family who had been running it since the 1920s had by 2000 made as many egg sarnies as they could bear and called it a day. Alfredo's then remained boarded up for two years... The scrub down and modernisation has enhanced the look and feel of the place.' ('Time Out' Feb 15-12 2003)

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