AA Restaurant - David Bowie: Absolute Beginners video

"I was working at Barclay's next to St. Paul's... I remember the AA well because I so admired its classic 30s minimalism. I used to walk up Carter Lane every day drooling over the deluxe deco typeface. That surreal mix of London history: the Dickensian backstreets; the contrast with the 60s concrete catastrophe of Paternoster Square that smacked you in the face at the top of the Lane; the awesome physical presence of St Paul's creeping over you as you emerged out into Ludgate Hill... I only vaguely remember the AA's interior. Any fondness I may have developed for eating there was curtailed by a serious bout of food poisoning brought on by the spaghetti vongole. Should have stuck to the egg and chips, I guess." (Adrian Hoole)

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