Classic Cafes: Tevere, Great Peter St SW1P

ICaff enclaves of the 50s & 60s


Classic Cafes fan (and our man in the Lobby) Mark Gould writes: "This is an upmarket [chalet-style] cafe with pretensions to being a restaurant, located at the junction of Marsham Street and Great Peter Street in the Westminster Village. Tevere is milk chocolate brown inside; all dark dark wood panels and grey net curtains. The waitresses are black-clad Roman ladies, smothered in creamy make-up and always just slightly on the side of being annoyed at your very existence. The clientele are lovelorn House of Commons researchers (sharing a carafe of house white and sobbing over their MP's infidelities), grumbling hacks and passed-over civil servants in shiny Burton's suits gossiping and grinding their teeth at the very word 'Blair'. You can easily imagine Ted Heath gliding by in his ministerial Rover or Enoch Powell sitting at a table in a three piece suit with double-breasted waistcoat pounding out 'Tiber foaming with blood' speeches (Tevere is Italian for 'Tiber'). All in all, a moribund masterpiece. And the tea is nice."

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