Classic Cafes: The Tea Rooms, Museum St WC1 (RIP)

ICaff enclaves of the 50s & 60s


... the Tea Rooms hangs on like some skid-row staging post in the 1960s documentary The London Nobody Knows (Mondo Cane for Cockneys fronted by James Mason: "the gritty historic fabric that was London in the sixtiesfacets of London life long since forgotten: street markets and their entertainers, residential slumsthe toughness of what it was to be homeless")... yellowing exterior signage is offset by a large jolly green deco typeface hailing from another century... magically washed-up parlour-style cafe... decked with wall-to-wall carmine mosaic Formica... Fry ups prepared on an old war-horse cooker called The London...

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