Classic Cafes: Sheringham, Norfolk #2

Enclaves of the '50s & 60s


The many faces of Sheringham. After a dismal storm-lashed jaunt to Cromer in search of classic high-street action and ambience we took off to nearby Sheringham to find a handful of useful caffs dotted round the town's main drag. The Sea Breeze is typical of several types of establishment in the town, a parlour cafe replete with net curtains and endless outdoor menu signs; close by, an anonymous eaterie with lovely fluted-wood doors and pink internal banquettes and finally, a chipper little interior from another unknown joint admirably conforming to the classic cafes 'holy trinity' of table-chair-light fitting. Why divert from the one true path when, with powder blue wall sand an ornate kitchen screen, the spuds are this lovely?

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