Classic Cafes: Regent Snack & Milk Bar W2

Enclaves of the '50s & 60s


Regent Snack & Milk Bar: three views of this marvelous cafe that seemed to have been a fixture of Edgware Rd forever. It was ripped to shreds in Sep 2002 to make way for a fried chicken joint and London will somehow seem like an even bigger sink of shit than it already is because of it. One of the last remaining authentic 30s style Milk Bars in Britain and decked out in wall to wall vitrolite, there wasn't anything else quite like it in town for sheer seaside brio. Quite a few of the internal elements - counter, lights, signs, mirrors, tables - had been bravely saved just before the refit and we hope to access this treasure trove later in the year. A large photo section will appear on the site devoted to this national treasure, along with snaps of some of the original place mats etc. Once again, it is wretched beyond words that an historic building of this calibre can be destroyed with impunity.

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