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Feb 7 2005  

Never Let Go: John Guillerman's lost 1960s neo-noir Brit flic (set in the two-bit ganglands of postwar London) will have classic cafe fans slavering over extended scenes in the murky Victory Cafe (evidently an actual location, a la West Brompton's 1940s-style Corner Cafe) with Adam Faith and moll, Carol 'Battersea Bardot' White ...
Never Let Go

Jan 18 2005  

John's W1: "It's bloody marvelous that John's has stayed the course; nearby Charlotte Street is full of wanky Starbucks, and Soup Kitchens frequented by twat media types gabbing into their Nokias. You really do lose the will to live when you see what they are doing to Fitzrovia... Maclaren Ross would be whirling in his grave ..."
John's Special

Jan 17 2005  

Dante's W1: There was something perfect about Dante's: the location, just off the swarming hell of Bond Street; the stone mouldings outside; the gothic sign; the arched, den-like entrance; the impressive array of proper-caff kit... counters, lights, tables, chairs. A real hole in the wall. One of a kind ...
Dante's Special

Jan 14 2005  

Redchurch Cafe E2: Original shop pilasters and consoles; ornate 50s wallpaper; proud Thonet chairs; pegboard menu... ambience readings that sputter into the red on the Pinter-meter... the Redchurch is sublime! Beleaguered. Decayed. Dingy. Enfeebled. Gimped. Ramshackle. Spavine. Weather-beaten... But beautiful ...
Redchurch E2 Special

Jan 13 2005  

Don's E5: Chirpy whistling waiters... a lovely caff cat... great tea made to a non-stop soundtrack of 1940s French accordion music... There's something terribly classy about Don's at Clapton, even taking into account the nicotine-stained walls, ratty furniture and faintly grubby atmosphere - Pure Pinteresque genius ...
Don's E5 Special

Jan 12 2005  

Au Soleil (Nice): "one of the oldest cellars niçoises... siroter between friends... a cosmopolitan environment and good child... a halation of light diffuses d'une window and animates l'obscurity... unpleasant small bar has a noble soul... precision and love l'esprit precedes this place... simplicity, force, passion of l'humain..." (!!!)
Au Soleil Special

Jan 11 2005  

Valoti's: the tenth anniversary of Valoti's closure is fast approaching (sort of). Vic Valoti set up his brilliant cafe in the 1940s, and for nearly 50 years this banquette-clad retreat was a celebrated stars' bolt hole - Audrey Hepburn, Albert Finney, John Gielgud, Sid James, Tommy Steele, Tom Conti & Rupert Everett were all regulars ...
Valoti Special

Jan 10 2005  

Marylebone Cafe WC1: "My parents John and Alma Negri were proprietors for many years from the late 50s to the late 60s. I remember seeing my auntie Brenda on the evening TV news in 1963, crossing Wigmore Street, with a tray of tea and biscuits: they were for Christine Keeler and John Profumo when they had just been arrested ..."
Marylebone Cafe Special

Jan 8 2005  

The Punch and Judy Man: Piltdown Bay (Bognor Regis) at the end of the season is slowly decaying in a welter of inclement weather, plastic macs, end-of-the-pier entertainers... and old ice cream parlours. Tony Hancock's gently doleful study of lower middle class malaise-on-sea is by turns darkly depressing and breezily comic ... Tony Hancock Special

Jan 7 2005  
Couple of new picture specials: Sunsnacks in Lisson Grove is still standing but, like the old Clash-bolthole The Metrolpolitan nearby, it probably faces a wretched makeover soon. The Parma, hidden just north of Marble Arch, vanished without warning last year, despite its beautiful Edwardian shopfront probably qualifying it for listing status ...

Jan 6 2005  

Beppe's EC1: Nice red leatherette booth seating, brilliant box signage, pretty awnings, beaten-copper counter surrounds, family picture and notebook displays... The tables may be slightly altered but the locals relish this family-run place with its engaging sense of Italian-Clerkenwell history, and legendarily frosty counter service ...
Beppe's Special

Jan 5 2005  
Major updates, rewrites and additions to the Music & TV/Film pages. A new Cafe Graphics section. And also the first ever explication of Municipal Lite Jazz; alongside the Dudley Moore Trio material, this is the best kind of background music for the appreciation of those few classic cafes still remaining. Be the first in your lifestyle demographic to pick up on, and brag about, this exciting new genre-in-the-making!
Dec 23 2004  

Music for classic cafes: Dudley Stuart John Moore was a musical prodigy. From his early youth he had shown a remarkable ability on the piano and an impressive facility at improvisation. On leaving Dagenham High School he went on to perform as part of the Johnny Dankworth Seven and tour the United States with the Vic Lewis Band... Dudley Moore Trio Special

Dec 21 2004  

A bitter end to a year of classic cafe ruin: Centrale - where Malcolm McClaren used to dragoon 1980s Burundi pirateers Bow Wow Wow - closes on 29th December 2004. It re-opens at 7 Archer St Feb 05. A notice in the window says: "The food will be exactly the same. So will the staff including the 21 yrs veteran chef of Centrale, Manulo. The decor will be familiar also."

Dec 19 2004  

The National Milk Bars: Mid Wales dairy farmer R.W. Griffiths opened the first National Milk Bar in Colwyn Bay, Wales in 1933 with the idea of selling the milk and cream from his farm directly to the public. It was a big hit; Griffiths then went on to open a grand total of 17 bars in Wales and North West England ...
Welsh Cafes special

Dec 18 2004  

Pure aural Formica: set in the lowering docklands of 1950s London, All Night Long is a hugely neglected English film treasure. The great Harkit Records have re-issued the soundtrack: an amazing swathe of aural Formica that should be added to your iPod Classic Cafes Themes playlist right now! (Click LP cover for Benny Green's original sleeve notes) ... Harkit Records Special

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